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General vegetation colour during most of the year in the forested areas of the Mankazana Valley, is a shade of light, to dark green. Clothing colour should therefore be either a medium shade of green, or alternatively a dark brown. Hunting is also conducted in savannah grasslands or in high altitude areas, and in these situations, it is advisable to wear lighter brown or khaki clothing. In both areas, clothing with a narrow, broken camouflage pattern is also useful.

As a lot of stalking may be done, light cotton textures are preferable to heavier fibres and synthetic materials, which can be relatively noisy in heavy brush. Apart from synthetic fibres, other clothing to avoid would include very light tans, which appear almost white to most animals and heavy, thick camouflage patterns.

Due to fluctuations in daytime temperatures, it is advisable to bring along a warm, rainproof jacket, which can be taken off and easily carried in a small rucksack. Large, heavy raingear is not ideal, and generally becomes cumbersome. A couple of warm, waterproof jackets are advisable for the cold evenings around the campfire. A warm pair of gloves can also be useful in keeping your hands warm and ready for action during the early winter mornings.

A pair of comfortable, water-resistant leather or synthetic hiking boots are essential, along with a number of pairs of thick woollen socks. Boots should not be too heavy, as they can lead to tiredness on longer walks. A lighter, strong and durable boot is preferable as they allow for a longer, more comfortable walk. Due to the fact that some stalks may get very close to animals, boots with soft soles are useful, as they allow for a quieter approach than boots with thick, hard soles.

Sunny days are usually the norm during May - August and guests are therefore advised to bring a hat or some other form of protection from the sun for their eyes and head.

Useful equipment to bring on safari would include a good quality pair of light binoculars, a small, compact rangefinder and a small, high resolution digital camera.

Our PH's all carry shooting sticks or tripods, which are either the synthetic variety, or made from light bamboo. Should you prefer to use your own, personal shooting sticks, please feel welcome to bring them. Detachable bipods are not often practical, due to the angle of shooting and terrain hunted in, although they do have their advantages at times, especially for longer shots.

General Information Clothing & Equipment Hunting style & shooting distances Rifles & ammunition